I’ve been writing for a living since 2005. When I first heard about AI writing software, I was terrified that it would put me out of business. But nothing could be further from the truth. An AI writing tool can serve as a writing assistant when you’re creating blog articles, social media posts, long-form content, case studies, ebooks, webpages, and more. The best AI writing software isn’t a replacement for you — it’s a tool that supercharges your productivity and allows you to do more than ever before.

The question remains: What AI writing assistants should you consider as you look for a little help with your work?

There are lots of AI writer options on the market today, and each one is just a little bit different. I should know because I’ve tried so many AI writing tools. In my mind, there’s only one clear choice for myself and the type of writing that I do. But here’s a complete rundown of the 10 best AI writing tools to evaluate when you’re looking to create content as quickly and effectively as possible.

1. Jasper (Best Overall)

This is the AI writing tool that I use: Jasper. And it’s awesome.

Jasper is pre-loaded with more than 50 different writing skills that have been trained on best practices and proven examples. Jasper’s creators trained the tool by having it read 10% of the internet, which is an extraordinary amount of content to consume.

For the longest time, I was resistant to writing outside of a Word doc or Google Doc, but I’ve started creating most of my content inside the Jasper dashboard. This is in part because I use Jasper’s AI writing software tools for inspiration and prompts when I get stuck. But Jasper also includes integrations to SurferSEO, Grammarly, and a plagiarism checker, which makes it a truly complete platform solution for content creation.

Jasper can take a lot of the work and stress off your plate, freeing you up to focus on other important tasks. With Jasper, you can create content 5X faster than usual, which means more productivity and more money if you’re a freelance writer like me. The Jasper team has also created all sorts of videos and other training content that are hugely helpful as you’re getting up and running. Trust me when I say this: Jasper can be transformative for your writing. Check out Jasper.

Why choose Jasper as your AI writing software?

  • Get content ideas and writing prompts based on best practices
  • Use the SurferSEO, Grammarly, and plagiarism checker integrations
  • Ensure that all your marketing materials are consistent in style and tone
  • Save time and energy while still producing stellar content
  • Increase productivity by using AI to help with writing tasks
  • Jasper is constantly being updated with the latest trends and information
I don’t say this lightly: Jasper is an absolute game-changer for writers everywhere.

2. Writesonic (Best for Ecommerce)

Writesonic can do a lot of different things, including the writing of blog posts, articles, landing pages, ads, emails, and more. But Writesonic really shines when writing product descriptions, which makes it the best option for ecommerce. This is especially true for ecommerce brands or dropshippers that are trying to get attention from search engines for dozens or hundreds of products.

Writesonic offers plenty of superlatives, too, including availability in 24 languages, more than 5,000 5-star reviews, usage by 150,000 people around the world (including agencies and businesses as well as long practitioners like freelancers). In short, Writesonic knows what converts and how to write content that drives more revenue. That’s why it works. Explore Writesonic and what it can do for you.

Why choose Writesonic as your AI writing software?

  • Generate high-quality website content in seconds
  • Improve SEO and eliminate grammar mistakes
  • Attract more traffic with well-written copy
  • Available in 24 languages and trusted by 150,000+ users
  • 5000+ 5-star reviews
5,000-plus users can’t be wrong, right?

3. Article Forge

Article Forge is a new way to get high-quality content. In just 60 seconds, you can have artificial intelligence create a completely unique, SEO-optimized, high-quality article. That’s right, all you need is a click of a button and this ai writing software will do the rest.

Article Forge uses deep learning models that are trained on millions of articles to write with the same quality as a human for a fraction of the cost. So if you’re looking for a way to create fantastic content without breaking the bank, Article Forge is one of your best bets. Start a free Article Forge trial.

Why choose Article Forge as your AI writing software?

  • Save money by using AI to create high-quality content
  • Get SEO optimized, unique articles in minutes
  • Boost traffic and conversions with top-notch content
  • Easily scale your content creation operations
Looking for high-quality traffic that boost conversions? Start with Article Forge.

4. Grammarly (Best for Proofreading)

There’s nothing worse than sending an email or publishing a blog post … only to find that it’s riddled with errors. This is common, though, when you’re working as a team of one. Grammarly provides a new AI-powered desktop app that helps you with proofreading so that you eliminate those pesky errors before they go into the wild.

Grammarly can help with grammar plus spelling and even the tone and voice in which you’re writing. It works across all of the major applications and sites you use on your computer so that you can always be confident that you’re sending and publishing error-free text. Wouldn’t that be nice?

I love Grammarly. I started using it years ago when I was new to freelance writing (and I didn’t have an editor to check my work). But, as noted above, Jasper offers a Grammarly integration that I can use from within the Jasper dashboard. It’s the best of both worlds, which is why Grammarly is a little lower on this list. Get started with Grammarly.

Why choose Grammarly as your AI writing software?

  • Proofread your text quickly and easily
  • Eliminate embarrassing grammar and spelling errors
  • Get tone and voice feedback for all of your writing
  • Works with all of your favorite apps and sites
  • Easy to install and use
I’ve been using Grammarly since 2014 because it’s like having a high-quality copyeditor on your team.

5. CopyAI

Copy.ai is a great option for anyone who’s just starting to. explore AI writing software options. Start by checking out the content improver, which is like hiring a high-quality editor for your work. Copy.ai offers different pricing plans, including custom options for larger marketing teams.

Take advantage of this tool to create blog outlines, write a full blog post, generate sales copy, plus more. Enjoy access to a free, 7-day trial with no credit card needed to begin. Copy.ai uses technology that’s a lot like what Jasper uses. Apply this technology to quickly create compelling blog posts, social media posts, emails, ebooks, sales copy, plus more. Discover what CopyAI can do for your writing.

Why choose CopyAI as your AI writing software?

  • Improve content quality with AI editing
  • Get help writing everything from blog posts to social media content
  • Access a free 7-day trial to get started
  • Choose from different pricing plans, including a custom option for larger teams
Still skeptical of the best AI writing software? Try it out via CopyAI’s free 7-day trial.

6. AI Writer

If you’re looking for a content creation tool that will make your life easier, AI Writer is definitely worth checking out. With its impressive set of features, AI Writer can easily write entire articles and other types of content. And, best of all, it’s super easy to use — the app can generate articles from simply a headline or a keyword.

Behind the scenes, AI Writer uses powerful artificial intelligence to ensure that its content is always fresh, relevant, and original. Plus, the company stresses that its output is SEO-friendly too — which is great news if you’re looking to improve your search rankings. (And, as we all know, most people are searching for AI content writers that can help with SEO.)

Not only does AI Writer generate fresh content, but it also re-words existing text to automatically create content that is unique. Start a free trial to learn more about AI Writer.

Why choose AI Writer as your AI writing software?

  • Generate high quality, SEO-friendly content in minutes
  • Create articles from scratch or based on headlines or keywords
  • Get content that’s fresh, relevant, and original
  • Easily create content for different types of articles
Write from scratch or uses headlines and keywords as prompts.

7. Rytr (Best Value)

Everyone wants to create more compelling content, words that move readers to take action. And that’s exactly what Rytr does for users. Correct grammar, rephrase or reformat sentences, plus more. Using this AI article writer is like having an automated copy editor at your service whenever needed.

Rytr isn’t just harsh on grammar mistakes — it also knows how to spice up your language for maximum impact. So, whether you’re writing marketing content or a love letter to your significant other, Rytr has got you covered. Start free and upgrade as needed.

Why choose Rytr as your AI writing software?

  • Get quality content with perfect grammar
  • Reformat your sentences for better impact
  • Spice up your language for more persuasive content
  • Free writing assistant that helps you write blog posts and improve your writing skills
Use Rytr to write more persuasively than ever before.

8. WordAI

Content “spinning” is a black-sheep concept in the content world, but spinning articles can be highly effective — when done well. And WordAI is the best option for article spinning. It can help you rewrite articles, and it even takes into account different words used and how they interact with one another. It can even do article spinning in bulk.

WordAI does more than just spinning, though. It also offers some unique features that make it stand out from the competition. For example, WordAi generates unique article titles and corrects grammar and spelling errors in the content. Test out WordAI by starting a free trial.

Why choose WordAI as your AI writing software?

  • Unique features that make it stand out from the competition
  • Rewrite articles error-free
  • Dynamically paraphrase articles
  • Offer human-like writing quality
WordAI helps you create AI content that is indistinguishable from what humans create.

9. INK Editor

INK is a newer name among AI software tools, but it’s already been used by companies like Google, Uber, and Salesforce. INK is powered by the same GPT-3 AI as Writesonic, and it doesn’t just create articles — it can expand, simplify, or rewrite existing copy, too.

That versatility sits alongside INK’s scoring system, which supplies a handy and easily digestible number so you can see how your generated content ranks for SEO, readability, and word count. That’s perfect if you want to make changes to an article and see how it improves. The INK Editor is a newer option among content writing software, but it’s quickly making a name for itself. Choose one of the INK Editor’s plans to jumpstart your writing.

Why choose the INK Editor as your AI writing software?

  • Use AI technology similar to that of Writesonic
  • Get insights into how your content is performing
  • Make changes to existing content and see the impact
  • Use AI to improve SEO, readability, and word count
Don’t just create content … use the INK Editor to analyze how your content performs.

10. ProWritingAid (Best for Academic Writing)

ProWritingAid is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to avoid the pain of writing awkward sentences. Its unique AI-based editing algorithm provides grammar, spelling, and style suggestions in real-time, while also identifying unwanted elements in your text, like redundancy or vague language.

ProWritingAid also adapts to your personal style, giving you better and better results each time you use it. So, whether you’re a professional writer or just trying to improve your writing skills, ProWritingAid is a great AI content generator option for you. Try ProWritingAid.

Why choose ProWritingAid as your AI writing software?

  • Improve your grammar, spelling, and style in real-time
  • Eliminate unwanted language elements from your text
  • Adapt to your personal writing style for better results
  • Get a detailed report on how to improve your writing skills
ProWritingAid even adapts to your personal writing style to deliver amazing results.

How Do AI Writing Tools Work?

Machine learning and NLP (that’s natural language processing) algorithms are used for understanding context and generating human-like text. A software program uses a user interface for generating a message.

Depending upon the input, an AI copywriting tool will generate different text types such as blogs, emails, Twitter posts, and more. AI content creators can also create and publish content automatically.

Is AI Writing Good for Content Creators?

Yes, without question. As mentioned above, I was able to transform my freelance writing business in the best way when I embraced AI writers for marketing copy.

AI-based writing can make content creators much more productive by creating content that is useful for blog posts, case studies, ebooks, websites, landing pages, and more. If you’re not testing it out right now, if you’re still planning to write blog articles by hand, you’re putting yourself behind the competition.

Final Thoughts on the Best AI Writing Software

AI and machine learning have risen rapidly in development and popularity. Today, they power some of the most helpful tools for marketers and writers — tools that can help you move faster and do more each day.

You’re here because you’ve at least thought about using AI to generate content. Start by exploring the options listed above. In short order, you’ll find the best AI copywriting software for your day-to-day needs.

Do you use AI writing software that’s not mentioned here? If so, share in the comments section below, or get in touch to share about your favorite AI writing tool.

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